Gluten Seminar! One More Piece of the Fascial Puzzle Revealed!

The holidays are over, and ’tis the season to clean up our act!

For the past several months I have blogged about the nature and causes of fascial restriction.  We’ve discussed trauma, illness and mental stress.

Now it’s time to take a look at what is on your fork.

Certain foods are known to cause an increase of inflammation in the body.  Why is that bad?  Inflammation within the body hurts the joints, hurts the organs, and tightens the fascia (my personal pet peeve).

Many folks come into my office looking for relief from chronic soft tissue tightness and pain.  Myofasical Release will free up fascial restrictions, but it is no match for a diet of pizza, beer, and donuts.   What was undone on the treatment table, will tighten back up by the time dinner is served.

In short, what we put into our mouth, matters. 

Gluten is a particularly heavy offender in the war against inflammation.

-2Anne Buzzelli is a registered dietician who is passionate about educating folks about the role gluten may be playing in their health.

“Gluten, a protein in wheat products, is a common cause of an unbelievable variety of serious health problems, including inflammation and joint/muscle pain. Plus, wheat is really good at helping you gain weight and preventing all attempts at losing !…. All this misery from the delicious Staff of Life?   Sadly, yes.”

Anne will be giving a seminar to get us all up to speed on the effects of gluten.

Gluten is a word that is thrown around quite a bit.  Why not hear how it affects you from the professional who knows?  (Not that the neighbor down the street isn’t a good source).

“This informative and fun seminar reveals why wheat causes weight gain and other health problems, like Celiac and other autoimmune disease, digestive issues, mental/emotional problems and many more”.

Of course, we’ll also discuss how to eat gluten-free.

“Local bakers will be there to share samples of their gluten-free goods, as well as  Shenandoah Pizza with samples of their delicious gluten free pizza!”

The seminar takes place on Wednesday, January 9 from 6-8 pm  at 16 West Beverley Street in Staunton.  Preregister at for $15, or $20 at the door.

This is a new year.  A great time to get educated and raise our awareness.

If you attend the Gluten Seminar,  you can deduct the cost of this seminar from your next myofascial session.  So really, you could go for free!  I believe it’s that important.

Call Anne Buzzelli at (540) 414-7525 for more info.

Anne is a Registered Dietician with a nutrition practice in Staunton called BuzzNutrition.