We are growing! Welcome Melissa McElveen!

Some of us are visionaries.  Some of us are clinicians. And then there are the super special people.

MelissaThey manage the visionary clinician who hates paperwork and will run from a deadline with the speed of Flojo.   I am quite fortunate to have met such a person.  Her name is Melissa McElveen, a long time educator who has decided to take her skills out of the class room and into the world of entrepreneurship.  So right there you know she is very brave.

But beyond the computer skills, the lovely grammar, the systematical thinking and her wonderful bull sh*t detector, Melissa brings something else to the table.  And yes, I mean literally to the table.  She has done her time.  She has been on a healing journey and learned the fascial system from the inside out.   She knows first hand what toxins feel like.  She knows a healing crisis when she sees one.  She knows when you need to unwind.  But most importantly, she knows that the human body is completely interconnected.  Just as we all are.

Look for Melissa in the office.  Tell her hello.  Give her a hug.  Share your story.  She’s pretty darn special.

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