Great Things Come in Packages!

Introducing package discounts.  Now it’s even easier to take care of yourself and your pocketbook!

Fascia is a reactive tissue.  It tightens in response to illness, stress, or physical trauma to name a few things.   This means that you can’t stay loose without regular maintenance.  It’s like exercise.  It’s like eating right.  You can’t just do it once in a while and expect the results to last.  But now, you’re rewarded for taking care of yourself.

Introducing package pricing:stock-photo-boy-jumping-on-trampoline-1801731

Single 2 hour treatment session $140.00

Three (2) hour treatment sessions  $350

Six (2) hour treatment sessions  $600

Annual membership (One (2) hour session a month for 12 months consecutively)  $1000

These sessions can be shared with friends and family.  Packages expire a year from date of purchase, so there’s no rush to use up your visits.  But best of all, they will make you feel better, all the way around.

Table time is yours for less.  Free up that fascia, and feel better.


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