How many sessions will this take?

If only the healing journey could be as simple as a journey on mapquest, I'd be able to give you a number, a time frame, an idea of how long til you're feeling wonderful. But........ It's not. It's far more complicated than that. I always tell folks that if the sessions are helping, you'll know it. Even if your symptoms haven't changed immediately, you'll feel yourself opening up, … [Read more...]

Why am I crying? The Nitty Gritty on Emotional Release

Typically when you come in for your first session, I tell you what you may experience on the table. I talk about your physical comfort, your digestive noise, the spontaneous twitching........and then I sneak in a little bit about emotions coming up to the surface. Typically, I see three responses to this info: "the shrug off ", the "I was afraid of that!", and the "already crying". Let's … [Read more...]

Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy: Get To Know Yourself and Go Inside!

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Craniosacral and Myofascial Release: How Moving Fluid Keeps You Well

The body is 80% fluid.  It's the circulation of these fluids that keeps you healthy. … [Read more...]

Now Hear This: There’s Holistic Help for that Ear Pain!

Ear infections can sneak up and ruin a day - or a night!  Why do some children seem to be so prone to these infections? … [Read more...]

Kids, School and Stress: How Craniosacral Therapy Can Help!

Back to school for some children is a time for tears, anxiety and frustration. … [Read more...]

No Time to Horse Around: The Link Between Riding and Chronic Pain

There is a definite trend in my office worth noting! … [Read more...]

Myofascial Release and Breast Cancer: The Final Phase of Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer statistics are staggering. … [Read more...]

Gluten Seminar! One More Piece of the Fascial Puzzle Revealed!

The holidays are over, and 'tis the season to clean up our act! … [Read more...]

What’s Going On Up There? Holistic Help for that Headache

When you suffer from chronic headaches, all you want to do is make it through the day. … [Read more...]